Knight Again Is Rising.

NHGOP. An alternative emerges. This is quality for many reasons. Power is a corruption in itself.The reported candidacy of Andrew Hemingway to be NHGOP Chairman is very good.

I’ve stated it before and for no other reason than Journalism Jen isn’t qualified for the position. It’s also very healthy that the party isn’t just accepting a candidate because the influential members “think it’s a good idea.”

These good ideas often underpinned with financial interests are what have led this party to the losing position that it is now in.

Andrew Hemingway can turn this around.

This is a short blog and I won’t recount what already appears in the Union Leader but to say that this candidate clearly has the needed organizational, fundraising and political strategy experience to be successful in this position at a time when the battles facing the Republican Party in New Hampshire are all going to be uphill.

And I mean uphill.

Andrew Hemingway would also be an injection of what this party needs: vitality, imagination and some new direction. This party needs rebuilding; this party needs retooling and this party needs a leader that will bring a statewide focus into what is right about the Republican Party.