M/S Pork Boat

When Gov. Elect Hassan announced her Business Outreach Team I tried to be open minded after all this is supposed to be a new administration and new day for New Hampshire.

Then I saw the list of names on this important team including: former Commissioner of DRED Sean O’Kane.  For those of you who might not be familiar here. Mr. O’Kane is also owner of the M.S. Mount Washington a big white ship that cruises around Lake Winnipesaukee.

At taxpayer expense too.

That’s right. The M.S. Mount Washington is a tourist attraction that received an EPA grant for $600,000.00 to replace two main engines with CAT 750 HP C32 power plants. The air will be cleaner because of this expenditure.

$600,000.00 Taxpayer Financed Cruise Boat.

How many people have lost their homes in New Hampshire and this state is passing out grant money for tourist boats.

During the recent primary I overheard Republican candidate for Executive Council Jerry Thibideau stating that Councilor Ray Burton was a supporter of spending $600,000.00 of taxpayers’ money on this boat.

If this is true than it doesn’t look like a partisan issue here. It’s a pork spending issue.

M/S Mount Washington is Pork Spending. Does this ever stop?Back to the Business Outreach Team.

To date I’ve not seen them or any of their information in northern New Hampshire. Perhaps they’re too busy in southern NH giving out some all important advice for the future. The way it looks from this vantage point is that there is a lot of Keynesian Economic planning going on.

I’m sure that they do know what is best for New Hampshire.