Snow What Snow.

I tried to go skiing at Bretton Woods on Sunday and it rained.

I actually sat there at the base lodge and watched some of the main slopes turning into shades of brown and even green.  This isn’t good.

In addition to the fact that the ski area made artificial snow at a cost of some 7K an hour plus big capital items: like property taxes, equipment payments and leases don’t stop because there are no skiers purchasing tickets in the rainy weather.

This is another example of how state government fails New Hampshire.

Do you think Cannon is concerned about the rain and the loss of man made snow on their slopes? Name a bureaucracy that actually is concerned with anything other than collecting revenue.

But it also goes beyond this.

Why can’t things like property taxes be abated at least until it snows to give private companies like Bretton Woods  a chance to generate some cash flow from its primary revenue source:  skiing.

Instead the Department of Revenue Administration just wants the tax money and the Legislature wants its beloved revenue projections; so that they can get some more UNH professors on tenure track.

Keep going to the well and eventually the well runs dry.

Perhaps this is the way DRED wants it.  A Cannon Monopoly.

Let it snow.