Act VII, Part One.

"Often times excusing of a fault. Doth make the fault worse by the excuse."- William Shakespeare, King John.

Gov. Lynch and Executive Council Move An Issue From One Place To Another. This isn't leadership. According to the ink on the pages in the Concord Monitor one of the last acts of leaving Gov. Lynch and the Republican Executive Council is to delay if not punt any decision about correction issues in New Hampshire.

It looks as if the Department of Administrative Services is going along with the whole script having delayed the consultant’s report about privatization of the states’ aging and inefficient prison system.

This isn't leadership.

How long has the Governor and Executive Council even been considering this very issue including the costly construction some $500 million dollars for new facilities. Which, apparently now has the support of the Dean of the Executive Council, “I’m not in any hurry for privatization.” he said.

Corrections Commissioner Wrenn deserves a lot of credit. It must be a challenge to run a state agency while receiving no support from the administration while, managing a multitude of issues many of which are dangerous and explosive.

It’s too bad we don’t have the same type of leadership in the Statehouse.