Cohorts And Groupies.

I'm going to start this blog out with an experience that I had in the NH House. The political scene was this: Speaker Harold W. Burns was leaving reportedly to become Insurance Commissioner under the Merrill Administration (it didn't work out) thus leaving the leadership endorsed candidate, Majority Leader David Scanlan against another candidate that had run unsuccessfully before and had clashed with leadership numerous times and this was Salem's Donna Sytek.

This was an interesting race because it was always a 50/50 split and both candidates literally had to work to get that 1% but what was more interesting is that despite the tug-of war it never turned nasty and negative, and it easily could have. Especially in a race that was this close.

The matter was settled when Scanlan ended losing his primary.

And what was the first thing Speaker Sytek did upon getting her hands on the powerful gavel.

Appoint what I think is half the house into either leadership position(s); or a position that directly answers to the leadership. And as you might imagine there was alot of whispering going on with some of the appointments bordering on the absurd. For example, Rep. Gregory Carson was appointed a Whip for Technology his role was to make sure that legislators had access to technology in the Statehouse complex among other duties. I never sensed Rep. Carson had the ability to turn a computer on never mind advance issues in technology like wireless networking or interactive websites, etc.

The Sytek organizational chart with all it's Chiefs worked quite well until the Indians in the delegation, like me started voting against the leadership on a regular basis effectively killing numerous pieces of legislation right on the house floor. For example Gov. Shaheen's ABC Educational Bill passed (I voted for it). And the similar Sytek Plan failed. This happened not because of the strength of the arguments on either side but because the Sytek leadership model was unravelling. This is the structural problem when there is too many Chiefs and not enough Indians. It's one of the oldest leadership mistakes known in the world. I don't believe Sytek was ever able to get in control again it's almost like the inertia started downward and she did nothing to stop it. Perhaps she refused to see the signs or what was really happening, or, her advisors were giving her wrong information. Lastly, I never sensed that she ever held her subordinates accountable for anything this is problem too.

It would appear that Gov. Elect Hassan is going down the same path as Speaker Donna Sytek. And yet again today another announcement for yet another 'Outreach Team.' Charged with advising the to be Governor on the issues of the day. This time in issues like Transportation and northern New Hampshire.

If history has any bearing here then this strategy cannot work.