The Power Of Advertising.


Yesterday I'm headed eastbound on U.S. Route 302 towards Portland, Maine and just outside of Glen Village (I call it a village) or retail area there is a large road sign:

Casino. One Hour. Oxford.

That's right all the revenue leaves New Hampshire and goes over to the new casino in Oxford, Maine.

Then it just so happened I'm looking out the rear view mirror on the opposite side of the sign which reads:

You Don't Need to Double Down To Have A Good Time. Attitash/Bear Peak.  

This is interesting and I'm reaching here possibly even political because both of these advertisers are competing for the same discretionary dollars. And it's clear Oxford wants a larger market to draw revenue from with their sign; but what does Attitash/Bear Peak (Ski Area) want? To get people to change their minds? I don't think so. There are diffrent reason(s) for doing both activities and one sign on a heavilly travelled road isn't going to change much.

But then again the field of advetising is a very powerful one, the psychology of human consumer behavior and why people do things, like impulse spending is something to consider for advertisers like casinos and ski areas.

Or this could be an attempt by Attitash/Bear Peak as a ditch attempt to keep some revenue from leaving New Hampshire. Especially if it's their customers that are being mined by the new casino in Maine.

Does Concord even care that this is happening?