Sen. Ayotte is Awesome...Again.


I'm continuing to be impressed with the freshman Senator's perfomance in Washington, D.C. This is one elected official that is actually doing something.

Isn't this a refreshing idea.

The latest is legislation advanced by the Senator to do away with a license for commercial drivers known as a TWIC License. This in reality is actually a $135.00 tax plus fees for trucks to enter port facilities in the United States examples include: LA/Long Beach and Newark, NJ. This TWIC license came in response to 9-11 security and my experience is that it is just another layer of bureaucracy and taxation that isn't needed.

This is also significant because as I've said before the political future of Senator Ayotte isn't dependant on getting involved in an issue like TWIC license repeals. She could do like the rest of the NH Congressional Delegation does and simply focus her attention and resources on themes that play well in New Hampshire.

The repeal of TWIC Licenses will also enable greater commerce and improved transportation through U.S. port facilities and ultimately this will create jobs.

Thank you Sen. Ayotte for doing this.