Still Waiting.


I'm starting to think that I'm waiting for an answer to a question(s) that will never come.

Weeks ago I attended a town hall meeting in Bath featuring Congressman Charlie Bass and Special Guest Councilor Ray Burton. And my question(s) for Bass:

So I finally get a chance to ask some questions. I start out with the Congressman explaining that the Administration is now proposing a new round of trade enhancements to the Far East and the creation of a a Trans-Pacific Trade Zone comprised of China, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, etc. I explain that as a long distance truck driver I've spent some time in places like Long Beach, California and Laredo, Texas and I don't see how the U.S. can handle yet more imports and containers onto the already clogged infrastructure including ports, highways and rail.

Bass stated that he wasn't aware of the Trans-Pacific Trade Zone.

We'll I've since learned that that this Trans-Pacific Trade Zone and it's implications have been years in the making starting with the second Bush administration. And Bass doesn't know of this legislation?

In any case he stated to me that he or his staff would get back to me with information about this trade zone.

They havent.