The Kevin Smith Effect.


So I'm reading a copy of the Littleton Courier newspaper. This is an advertising paper with a left wing slant that has been published since 1889.

There's a front page article about Kevin Smith for NH Governor.

It starts out, "With a degree in public relations and marketing in his back pocket gubnatorial hopeful Kevin Smith has his eye on job creation all the way and wants to become the Massachusetts governor's worst nightmare."

Good product differentation there. And be sure to piss off the largest adjacent economic climate in a New Hampshire depression.

I'm sure the campaign of Kevin Smith goes deeper than this so I'm reading on: "My philosophy is that the government doesn't create the jobs, but the government can create the atmosphere that brings the jobs here." Smith said.

More interesting.

Is this the definition of Keynesian economics from a conservative? He didn't say it but statements like this are usually accompanied by supporting public-private partnerships.

Isn't Solandra in California an example of this?