Moving New Hampshire Forward.


“Has the potential to become the world’s most powerful trading block.”-Video.

One of the disadvantages of being a follower of politics and policy is that there can be the tendency to be an armchair quarterback.

“If I were on the field I’d do it this way, I’d pass the ball and my side would win the football game.”

Well I’m not down on the field, I’m not the quarterback, I’m not a policymaker and I’m sure that if I were in either of these position(s) it would be a heck of a lot different.

But I’m going to continue on anyway...

I’m disappointed that Congressman Bass didn’t get back to me after my questions at a recent town hall event in Bath. But I can understand his position. Free trade agreements half way around the world isn’t exactly a pressing issue for the second congressional district. I’m sure his staff persons have all the work that they can handle as well.

It’s still an important issue.

During this same meeting when asked Bass himself said that working on the bureaucracy called the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) was going to be a priority for him during this next legislative session. I don’t know what determines what his important priorities are; but if I were a member of congress I’d think that a major piece of trade legislation encompassing: “1/3 of the world’s GDP.” would be important and even if I weren’t directly involved in its drafting I’d still have some knowledge of this bill and what it could mean to New Hampshire.

Congressman Bass stated to me that he has never heard of this legislation.

I’ve been doing some research on my own the Trans-Pacific Trade Zone is also called the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

And it will impact New Hampshire along with the rest of the United States.