Where The CSA Still Matters.


The Santorum surge...

Either I missed it or the political strategists haven't been reporting it.

Before this happened I've been thinking that the Romney campaign could have laid off 1/3 of its campaign staff and used these resources to train their guns on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. I think Santorum pulled a Battle of the Bulge and its has a chance in being successful.  

But I'm not a Santorum supporter because I've been to Missouri.

I don't think alot of people even go to Missouri. How many people do you know that plan a vacation and say "Lets go to Missouri." It just doesn't happen. In any case I've spent some time in places like Springfield and trying to remember, Boonville. As an OTR truck driver I was sent down to Missouri to these huge underground cold storage facilities that have literally been dug into small mountains in that state. Its quite something to drive into a dark cavern and look for your loading dock in a sea of at least 150 trailers and mercury vapor lighting. If your wondering why they're doing this they can save a ton of money on refrigeration by warehousing cold items underground. And after dealing with some of the individuals in these areas and meeting other people from Missouri my perception of this state is:

The Confederate States of America (CSA) still exists, it's just hibernating right now. The values are intact and someday it will come back.

God does exist and supports the Missouri and the CSA and it's in that order.  

Missouri doesn't like or tolerate outsiders. I was speaking to one of the receivers and he actually commented on my accent (I don't have an accent)"Your from the East." he said. I'm trying to read his attitude, his eyes and what he is saying. I'm thinking I'm a Yankee in CSA territory so he probably doesn't have much use for me.

I'm still glad my side won though.  

I'd also note the Mormons were squarely kicked out of Missouri so I'd imagine they don't have much use for Romney either.