593 Frustration.


When you're outside the Concord beltway it's hard to get information about what is really going on.

I'd really like to know what is going on with H.B 593 and I don't think it has anything to do with two versus four gaming licenses. So, the Concord Monitor is reporting that the legislation has been delayed for a vote and sent back to committee.


Former Senator Rubens wins another Pulitizer type prize award for his explanation on how any why leadership did what they did. Especially, the part about "near death experience."

They should just pack it in. Just ITL the bill.

Gov. Lynch has said that he doesn't want it. It doesn't matter that other states have done this and done it successfully, Gov. Lynch doesn't want it and he is still the Governor of New Hampshire. The casino interests should recognize the environment that they're in and just withdraw. Sometimes a straight withdrawal is the most effective strategy of all. H.B. 593 doesn't need any more study or analysis I think it would be really quality and leadership if this legislature would say in the blurb for ITL:

"Governor Lynch has repeatedly said that he does not support expanded casino gaming in New Hampshire. We find that now isn't the time to consider this issues and policy implications only to find the legislation meet a veto as a promise kept."

Mister Speaker would I now press the green button.