College Kids Go Home.


I've been playing alot of Chess lately, and for the most part I've been winning!

But the game does impact my politics or at least I think it does.

Last night I came home started watching the world edition of CNN with images of artillery barrages against various Syrian neighborhoods and couldn't stop thinking about chess strategy and exchanges between bishops and knights over contested territory. My next thoughts were on an Atlantic Monthly article I'd read earlier on:

 "Earlier this week I criticized Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice for their high-volume indignation over Russian and Chinese vetoes of a UN resolution that would have called on Syria's president to step down. And I still think Clinton and Rice were hypocritical, given America's long tradition of overlooking the atrocities of dictators who are as close to America as Bashar al-Assad is to Russia."

Chess Moves.

Then CNN turned to the human side of all this. People are getting killed, daily.

Of course the journalists are all college educated and see these issues from their streetside perspective, and with a dead child laying on the slab how could they not.

But the issues are much larger than this. Much larger.

I'm not tying to sound unsympathetic but the college kids need to go home. They're in danger to not only themselves but I'd question what they're reporting is really going to amount to.

Let the Chess players like Secretary of State Clinton do their work.