The Real Power.


It can always be an advantage to know where the power is and who has the power.

Some politicians spend their entire careers doing just this.

Yesterday I learned of someone who has some real power in New Hampshire and more likely the United States or at least the decision making process in Washington, D.C. which is also immense power.

So who am I talking about?

I'll put it in the form of a question: Name someone who can go to Washington, D.C. that has the credentials to secure some $3.85 million for a railroad study then come back to New Hampshire lose an Executive Council vote by 3-2 vote and still keep the state contract on track for completion?

That's right you guessed it: Former Senator Peter Burling!

Is this amazing, real power or what the latest I've heard is that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is the latest candidate to step forward and offered to accept the federal funds if New Hampshire won't. So that this rail study can move forward.

This is also significant because it also sidesteps other projects that are not only viable but would create verifiable jobs and taxbase and would also have the ability to pay the funds back.

This tells me how power works and who has the real power in New Hampshire.