The Art Of Getting Involved.


I'm not sure that I'll do a tremendous job at framing my idea(s) in this blog but here I go! New Hampshire is still a place in this country where the average person can get involved with government and actually have the chance to create policy for the future.

This is good and it is also bad, for me an immense source of frustration.

Now consider places like metro Atlanta, Georgia and state government actually having public hearings on such topics as transportation and the environment say the construction of wind towers as an example. It would and never happen. In Georgia as in many other places the money, their lobbyists and the pawn politicians decide the chess game this is the way it is done. Not the case in New Hampshire, consider any major issue whether this is abortion, the Northern Pass project or even expanded casino gaming the public has input and helps decide what happens next.

So where am I going and why is getting involved bad. I'm not sure bad is even the right word here.

Jacksonville, Florida.

This is a shot I took at Jacksonville Beach at night it's really a cool place to hang out. In any case it's also not too far from the Port of Jacksonville which has the potential to be a major, and I mean major receving and export terminal for a growing list of countries engaged in worldwide commerce. But the issue is this: Jacksonville needs assistance with not only the capital efforts in expanding its port facilities but also in some of the planning and study needed to make this happen effectively. As a part of this I've learned that every major politician and transportation official in Florida has sought this assistance in Washington, D.C. starting with small grants say in the $3.85 million dollar range. To my knowledge Florida hasn't sought any public participation in this proposal.

And guess how far Jacksonville, Florida has gotten in this process?

That's right millions of dollars of economic development and jobs would be created and it isn't happening.

So what does this have to do with New Hampshire?

Recently, I've written blogs dealing with Sen. Burling getting a $3.85 million dollar grant, a town hall meeting with Congressman Charlie Bass and his office blowing me off on a major trade issue and all of this under the privilege of getting involved with my own government. But New Hampshire moves forward while Florida does not.

I don't know which system is better.