This One Went Right.


Anyone that gets involved with NH politics knows that this is a field of frustration. Many reasons for this including money and long-term well established agendas that tend to quash any new ideas or ideas that deviate outside of the general direction of things.

In other words, "If it aint broke don't fix it."

Certainly good advise but I'm also of the belief that to advance or move forward there has to be the existence of at least two words: risk and change.

So where am I going with this....

So I'm still frustrated by the fact that Congressman Charlie Bass never got back to me about the pending free trade agreements in the pacific rim a major piece of legislative iniative that will definitely impact the NH Second Congressional District. Guess the experienced politician is more concerned where Waterville Valley is located those votes are pretty valuable these days. So I'm moving on from this.

Recently I contacted Executive Councilor Ray Burton as to why he voted for the recent state contract #77 for a $3.85 million dollar study for the capitol corridor. This one went right and it makes me feel alot better. So he responded with his rationale for the yes vote and sent me a copy of the state contract including the analysis by NHDOT in this whole matter. It was excellent work by both the policymakers and the engineers that did the work. I can now understand why Councilor Burton voted the way he did and this was very fair considering the issue at hand. And I'm also glad that I was able to contact an elected official and actually get some quality information about an issue.

But I'm still glad the state contract failed. This is the wrong time to be considering a capital intensive idea like passenger rail service between Boston and Concord. I also think the private sector has a needed role in this whole discussion; and their presence would be invaluable in this process. In this case it wasn't.