Why The Kevin Smith Plan Fails.


Gubernatorial candidate and long-shot hopeful Kevin Smith announced a strategic plan about what he would do in the corner office if he is elected.

It's pretty bad.

For starters it's too long, consider the average voter or even a politico looking a a candidate. In a primary battle it has to be why the candidate is the best fit for the party and to an extent how this candidacy is good for New Hampshire and it has to be short. And Mr. Smith didn't do this I think this also shows his inexperience as a leader in any venture that does anything but give out advice to others. In addition to being short there has to be substance, limited but it has to be there. Instead of substance Smith simply recites the same tired old saw:

We can lower the tax burden on businesses and residents by keeping government small, focused and efficient. To meet this goal, I will institute a system of metrics across every state department to measure their effectiveness as well as to gauge the taxpayers’ return on investment for specific programs. When I served as the Assistant Director of the state’s Division of Juvenile Justice Services, we employed such a system, and it produced strong results. There is no reason not to replicate this success across state government.”- Kevin Smith Plan.

So in other words micromanagement will be the order of the day. Instead of running a state Smith would become concerned about how many postage meters are in operation at various state agencies and how all this saves money in the long run. Well micromangement doesn't work in the long run this has been proven time and time again. This also isn't a campaign issue that voters of New Hampshire are even concerned about in an upcoming primary.


Let's continue on.

I don't understand how Jennifer Horn can continue to garner airtime across the news media and political outlets with her endorsement of Kevin Smith. How many runs for office has she made without taking a coherent position on anything coherent.

Maybe she wrote the Kevin Smith Plan?

If so, some bad advise here.