Say No To Sachs.


The popular news media is reporting that Columbia University professor Jeffrey Sachs is being considered or wants to be considered to be the next president of the World Bank.

My guess is the later and if this is the cadre of candidates I question the need for a World Bank.

I've tried to read the books of Jeffrey Sachs and I can't get through them. I've not attempted his latest idea in socialism but I've considered and not finished The End of Poverty: Economic Possibilities Of Our Time, Commonwealth: Economics For A Crowded Planet.

They start out really great they frame a bi-partisan idea and then the author advances the idea to a point where it affects everyone and everything in a imperative way. For example the cutting down of a rainforest might generate millions of dollars of economic value that is distributed globally but the damage done, that can never be repaired will exact costs and societal consequences that are much greater, especially since other alternatives are readilly available. So why are we cutting down the rain forests?

Quite an issue here.

But then unfortunately Sachs loses it. The books become a mix of well worded paste and academic smugness it's almost like he is saying: "this is what you do in the echelons of academia write a reaching societal book with a reality idea when there is no reality offered." And there isn't any real ideas offered along the type faced parchment. So no I didn't finish either of his books I think his mathematical skills for someone who terms himself an economist needs work as well I won't bore you all with details but the numbers don't add up.

And this person want to head up the World Bank and be in charge of lending funds to countries whose populations are largely starving to death.

I don't think so.