Just Answer The Question.


Several days ago I contacted the Kevin Smith for Governor campaign via it's website trying to ascertain some answers to questions that I have about his campaign for governor how ever far fetched it may be. I think my questions were/are reasonable I started out by asking what his position is on H.B. 593 and the whole idea of expanded casino gaming in New Hampshire. Then I shifted to the recent Executive Council item #77 and what his position is on studying and the concept of passenger rail systems between Boston and Concord. Lastly, I asked his campaign to provide me with his definition of free trade and what free trade means for New Hampshire and the creation of jobs.

Hear the sound of crickets as a lone black crow circles overhead looking for a morsel of food....

I'm sure the fact that I've been critical of this campaign on this very board has nothing to do with either. Isn't there something out there that says effective politics is about turning your enemies into your friends.

                                                                       * * *

The vote this week for H.B. 593 is a forgone conclusion. I can't imagine Gov. Lynch even releasing a statement here. It just isn't going to pass on his watch.

Just over the border the Maine Black Bear Casino is progressing over in Oxford, Maine it should be interesting to see what happens next.

Taxbase and jobs for starters.


                                                                       * * *

Reuters.com is reporting that Iran is purchasing grain and foodstuffs from the United States in good size quantity. If you want to read a really good book about grain trading I'd suggest Cargill: Trading The World's Grain. It's a three volume set about the history of this company, it's textbook like at time but well worth it.