Three Cast The Deciding Vote.


The Executive Council did a good thing for New Hampshire today. They killed a four million dollar contact to study passenger rail between Boston and Concord.

Its hard to write this blog and not hurl insults at the defeated but instead of admitting reality they continue on with the same old saw: "We're smarter we know what is best for New Hampshire and you don't."Former Senator Burling was almost as predictable as if I can't have my way I'll run down to my mommy friends in Washington and it will go forward anyway. The Executive Council vote of 3-2 doesn't really matter because this project ,my project, is moving forward.

Well it won't.

The federal govenment isn't going to fund 88% and then 100% if there are no state funds as a match this can't be justified anywhere. And who exactly is this company from San Francisco, Calif. that they 'selected' to do this $4,000,000 dollar study? I'm really glad the Executive Council voted to kill this expenditure. I've said enough about this proposal already so I won't rehash but there are other more worthy and viable rail transportation projects out there, and I hope now that the Capitol Corridor has been sidelined some of these can move forward.

I'll close this out with a word about Nashua Mayor Donnalee Lozeau. I think the voters of this city would be well advised to find another candidate for this office, her whole attitude and performace says to me--sell to the highest bidder. And money, "what is that I have the good ideas for Nashua!" She seems to say.