Prediction: Smith Won't Break 17%


Gubernatorial candidate Kevin Smith should be given some credit for at least attempting to advance a plan(s) as a part of his campaign, this is above and beyond what the others are doing. I'm reading part II now heathcare and energy.

But unfortunately the plans like the first one still falls way short of the mark.

So Smith starts up by the typical market basket approach to health care and opposing Obamacare but he doesn't say anything about cost. As if insurance companies and certificates of need are going to result inany significant savings for the NH health care consumer. Smith could have looked at aggregation of insurance risk pools with Maine, Vermont and possibly even Canada. This would save millions if not trillions of dollars in premium and the insurance companies still make lots of money. But candidate Smith doesn't do this, instead he sticks to the talking points. I'm not sure how many people are even going to read the entirety of his ideas they are a bit pasty.

The same thing with his energy policy. And there are lots of possibilities here, but not what is advanced in this plan which is the tired, age old argument PSNH needs reform and there needs to be more market based choices for the NH consumer. And this isn't going to happen in the next two years, it just isn't.

I'd like to see New Hampshire do something in the natural gas arena and again, like the health care there are lots of opportunity here from LNG pipelines that strattle the state to the potential for construction of offshore regasification terminals to the use of LNG by consumers and businesses. The state could advance a clean energy policy that is affordable and sustainable but would build substantial regional cooperation at the same time. Both Vermont and Maine are moving in this direction as well, Maine moreso than Vermont; I think if Mr. Smith were really serious about being a policy leader in New Hampshire something coherent like LNG would appear in his plans and ideas. They don't. I actually read his energy plan in the Union Leader twice and other than a sales idea I really can't discern how the average reader and voter is going to stick with this instead of just moving on to the sports page. If this were my campaign my plan would state exactly how much would be saved by "greater use of LNG in New Hampshire."I'm speculating now but I don't think its unreasonable that NH consumers and businesses could see a yearly savings of between 28-32% from the greater use of Natural Gas as an energy source.

But I'm not a candidate for governor Kevin Smith is.

My prediction is that on its current course this candidacy won't break 17% of the vote in a low turnout republican primary.