Does DRED Fail At Tourism?


I’m finishing out the 2012 ski season over here at Sunday River Ski Area in Newry, Maine and its really great, the conditions are good and the spring skiing is the best I’ve seen in a long time anywhere; including an experience skiing in Colorado at this time of year.  

The only other ski area that I’m aware is even open now is Wildcat over in New Hampshire. I decided to come over here to Maine because of not only the conditions but the free skiing (Sunday) and the services offered to skiers namely, the streaming hot tub after a long day and then places like the Sunday River Brewing Co. and The Matterhorn among others.  

New Hampshire or at least Wildcat doesn’t offer any of this.

I’m also thinking that starting next year the new casino in Oxford, Maine should be open I believe it will be called the Black Bear Casino which is driving distance from Sunday River.

Think More Tourism in Maine.

Meanwhile over in New Hampshire…

An interesting study that could be done this summer by a legislative committee would be a study of the DRED tourism budget and a financial analysis of exactly how much return NH taxpayers are getting for their investment in this state agency that does things like run a ski area at a loss or marginal profit (depending on accounting model used), purchasing glossy advertising in places like Boston and Philadelphia and hires staff to “coordinate public relations and media activities."


So I’m going to make a reaching guess now. Maine is spending less money on its state tourism budget and actually seeing a higher financial return on its tourism related activities. And I’m also being considerate of the fact that Maine has a sales tax while New Hampshire does not.

So does DRED fail at tourism?  

The taxpayers of New Hampshire deserve an answer to this question.