Regional Economic Prosperity in NH.


It's ironic that a sense of regional economic prosperity in New Hampshire might have to come from nearby Maine as we are unable to do it for ourselves.


This is a UTUBE video about the progress of the Black Bear Casino off 26 in Oxford, Maine which once completed I think will be the closest full scale casino to most of central and northern New Hampshire. I haven't calculated the mileages to Foxwoods, Montreal or the Turning Stone in Verona, New York but I think Oxford, Maine is still closer.

I think the Black Bear will do well it's already near a tourism based economy and it's not so far off the beaten path that it will build a market on it's own. There are anti-casino factions in Portland that are complaining of all the toll paying traffic that is going to come to Portland enroute to the Black Bear. Horrible isn't it all this revenue, taxbase and economic prosperity that will come into southwest Maine.

Take that Mr. Social Capital Lew Feldstein and the New Hampshire Chairitible Foundation!  

It's too bad the policymakers in Concord can't have any sense of vision to find economic prosperity in Hampshire. Instead it will go to Maine.