To Whom The Bass Tolls.


This blog is probably going to read like some sour grapes against the performance of Congressman Charlie Bass to his lack of response to my recent inquiry to his office about a piece of trade legislation that will affect all of New Hampshire.

This isn’t the case because there are lots of places I can contact regarding legislation including contacting congressional district offices in Maine and get quality information instead of where I live; which is in the NH Second Congressional District.

Let’s move on.

Recently I saw in the newspaper Bass is sponsoring a session at the NH Technical Institute in Concord an educational opportunity for constituents to learn how to “use Facebook and Social Media.”


I don’t use Facebook it is my understanding is that this is a site that is primarily designed for people to download their photos and personal, sexual problems for the whole world to see. So I guess Congressman Bass thinks it’s valuable to use his staff (taxpayer financed ) to teach people how to use Facebook and other social media.

I don’t understand this.

Let’s move on again.

So I’m reading the newspaper again and the NH Attorney General is subpoena information about the Bass Victory Committee and Robo telephone calls the article stated that “settlement was offered” but it didn’t work out, later the $400,000.00 fine was mentioned.

If the Bass campaign didn’t do anything wrong then why was the word settlement mentioned?

Where is a James Tobin when you need him?

I’m not sour grapes on Congressman Bass now I know the rules if I need the services of my Congressman or have questions about a major piece of legislation I’ll just call over to Maine and they’ll do a great job at returning my phone calls with conversation and ideas of real substance.