Save Money. Create Jobs


This  Maine has helped New Hampshire with Economic Development. And they've done a good is an idea I’ve been thinking for some time.

A short history lesson:

-Back in the day of the stagecoach northern New Hampshire was a major crossroads of commerce whether this was to Vermont, Canada and beyond. What is now U.S. Route 302 was a major route of this commerce and the construction and initial maintenance thereof was paid for by Maine because New Hampshire refused to provide funding for it.

-The history of Berlin, NH is filled with finance of projects and infrastructure from sources outside of New Hampshire mainly from eastern Canada and Maine. This includes capital items like paper machines and natural gas pipelines.

It would seem that Maine would have more of an interest in economic development in northern New Hampshire than DRED does so why not let them have this responsibility and save NH taxpayer money at the same time. Examples include:

Eliminate the DRED position in northern New Hampshire including office space and travel expenses:     Savings to N.H. taxpayers.           $122,000.00 year.

Eliminate all Economic Development Functions of North Country Council Inc. (Regional Planning).     Savings to N.H. taxpayers.           $850,000.00 year.

Eliminate Economic Development Councils like the Grafton, Coos Economic Development Councils.      Savings to N.H., taxpayers.         $750,000.00 year.

Total Savings to N.H. taxpayers.  $1,722,000.00 year.

Then sign a contract with the Maine Department of Economic Development to perform the same functions as the expenses above for $250,000.00 a year with a $75,000.00 performance bonus for every taxbase increase that results in either 50 fulltime jobs or taxable property improvements in excess of $2.5 million dollars.

With history as a basis imagine what might happen.

New Hampshire taxpayers still save money.