Political Negotiation.


One of the advantages of owning a Kindle Fire is the ability to download books and magazines in milliseconds. It's really cool.

In any case I'm now reading Oil! by Upton Sinclair I decided to do this because the movie, There Will Be Blood starring Daniel Day Lewis is based on this book. But I'll stop short of saying the Sinclair book is a good read, it's a tough read the writing style here is nothing that I've ever encountered and even after watching the movie several times I still have to consider what the author is trying to say before I procceed. In other words this book doesn't take the reader by the hand there is some work involved.

Actually the movie is like this too.

This is my favorite scene there is some railroad content which I love and the sheer power of effective negotiation. Consider the dynamics of what is happening here: Standard Oil is the big powerful bully on the block and they get out foxed by a speculator that controls nothing in essense except an idea.

An idea of larger.

So what does this have to do with politics?

When was the last time a book was written or a movie made about U.S. politicians that do this very scene everyday whether this is in Concord or Washington?