The Cilley Idea.

Leave No Part of NH Behind. Difficult to make this a reality.

I spent part of my day watching the Democratic debate at NEC.

If I were to score this play it safe Sen. Maggie Wood Hassan came out on top. That pledge really does work!!!!

This is a shot of a recent project in Worcester, Mass that will result in the creation and retention of millions of dollars of economic development, commerce and jobs. I'm using this as an example because not only does New Hampshire not have this transportation and logistic capability; but it would fit into exactly what Sen. Cilley is campaigning on.

Leave no part of New Hampshire behind.

It's a quality political campaign idea and a great idea but whether it has any political traction for the Democratic nominee I'm now saying:, very sadly, the answer is no it does not.

I think if Sen. Jackie Cilley stays on her present course and direction she will capture at most 28% of the Democratic Primary vote.

I'm shopping around for a Democratic candidate to support because it's time to start thinking about what happens when a Republican unqualified, max hedrom sound bite finds his way into the corner office the consequences of this will be much greater than supporting an income tax.

Good choices here huh?