Silly Campaign: Has Flaws.

Despite her early organizational ability and her speechmaking skills I think Sen. Cilley has some serious fundamental flaws in her campaign.

Evidence of this appears on

"However, unless the business community is willing to settle for rising business profits taxes, as well as getting less for their money to boot from a deteriorating infrastructure and educational system, and unless property taxpayers are willing to see their property taxes rise faster and by greater percentages, folks better take a long hard look at where this simple sounding solution to all of our fiscal woes will actually lead."

Deteriorating Infastructure. I'm not sure of where the candidate has been but the infastructure is good and getting better everyday thanks to state agencies like NHDOT that actually care about New Hampshire. I'd encourage Ms. Cilley to spend some time in places like Alabama and even Vermont before making stupid statements like this. 

Educational System. Education is great in New Hampshire the system is working like it always has. Rich kids go to college and poor ones go into vocational programs. The system is working well. Enrollment at NHTI is way up as is enrollment at Plymouth State University; I believe ranked 18% party school in America by Playboy Magazine, the tution paid here is mostly Massachusetts; Rhode Island now has a presence here as well. 

If you notice the Cilley campaign doesn't talk about actual numbers in is statements about finance and what the economic conditions of New Hampshire actually are.