Spending The Fools Gold.


The casinos in the commonwealth haven't even opened yet and the politicians are trying to spend the money. The Boston Globe is reporting today that the MBTA is $160 million in deficit with no relief in sight except an increase in taxes, fees and proposed use of casino gaming revenue to "bridge the gap." And this is from sources like Gov. Patrick and Boston Mayor Menino. If you notice they don't say anything like reducing spending or perhaps a needed restructuring of the MBTA to "save money."

Don't worry taxpayers this slops over into New Hampshire as well.

$160 Million MBTA Deficit. Higher taxes and fees. Mayor Lozeau supports bringing the trains to New Hampshire. Photo Credit: New Hampshire Union Leader.comThis is the same MBTA that is proposed as an operator of the trains running into Nashua me first pushed by their avid spending boosters which include: former Senator Peter Burling, Nashua Mayor Donnalee Lozeau and now Senator C. Jeanne Shaheen.

New Hampshire could end up as broke as the MBTA.