Casino Review Oxford, Part I

Unlike other mill towns that demolish this scene still largely exists in Sanford. The mills closed in 1954.

So I decided to head over to Maine to see the newly opened casino in Oxford. They didn't announce when they would be officially open choosing instead to have a soft opening they opened on the 5th of June.

But before I made it up to Oxford I had another interesting adventure what I think is worthy of mention. I drove over to Maine from Concord and came across a community right across the border that seemed to take me right back into history.


This is a photo taken back in the 1920s showing a thriving Sanford in the textile business.  I've now learned that the mills closed in 1954 but even today they look like they've just closed! As strange as this may sound, the mills are all still there as is the Victorian era hospital and many of the estates that the Goodall family and heirs lived in. I found this really strange because unlike places like Manchester and Lowell that more or less redeveloped around the closure of the mills Sanford hasn't.

I didn't spend alot of time in Sanford there is alot more to history and what is really going on. So then I headed up to I-95 and eventually Oxford.