Frank's Flawed Footnotes-NH Jobs Created.

How Many Jobs Have Actually Been Created In New Hampshire?

I've recently returned from Maine where I learned of the past, present and future of our neighbor to the east. It also gave me alot of political insight: what happens when elected officials actually do something for their state and local communities.

This doesn't exist in New Hampshire.

Congressman Frank Guinta, as an example, has numerous press releases about "Getting Granite Staters Back to Work" jobs iniative sponsored by his office. I'm now thinking about this quote,

(j) "The tremendous economic development leads to a change in the social stratification of the people. The small craftsman slowly dies out, and as a result the worker's possibility of achieving an independent existance becomes rarer and rarer; in consequence the worker becomes visibly proletarianized. There arises the industrial 'factory worker' whose most essential characteristic is to be sought in the fact that he is hardly ever in a position to found an existence in his own in later life. He is propertyless in the truest sense of the word. "- Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, The Factory Worker, Page 316.

So with this 'jobs iniative' sponsored by Congressman Guinta how many jobs have been created for New Hampshire and what kinds of jobs? I don't see any press releases outlining any progress that is being made. I'm confident that there is no progress being made except as a campaign re-election venue.

Congressman Guinta isn't the only one. Recently I attended a "Small Business Finance" event hosted by Congressman Charlie Bass at NHTI in Concord.

Proletarianized is an idea here. Propertyless might even be better.