Playing The Last Card.


It looks as if the Kevin Smith campaign for Governor has played it's last strategy card to somehow change the dynamics of what is a losing race for the corner office.

Go Negative.

Evidence of this is on this very board with word games undermining the front runner candidate for the Republican nomination. This can't work for a number of reasons:

Political Campaigns are similar but diffrent than product marketing and sales.Max Hedrom never won an election he never did anything except stimulate a market. In any marketing class the teach that being in a number #2 position in any market is actually better than being in number one. Why? Well because not only can the #2 position mine the imperfections of the #1 leader but can product position and capitalize on mistakes also made by #1. In short for #2 things can only get better. Coca-Cola and Pepsi Co. have made billions of dollars fighting and marketing for the #1 and #2 postions in the soft drink market. However, this strategy can't work in a Republican market for Governor because not only are the candidate not vying for an underlying profit the number #1 doesn't even need to participate in the market competiton to be successful in winning the market or the election as it is.

The voters aren't puchasing a soft drink here either, more at stake here or marketing terms: more of high involvement decision making process.

In the Union Leader there was a recent interesting Letter to the Editor about the appearance of Kevin Smith at a Manchester parade. Apparently he was far too busy and self-absorbed to speak with anyone except to chisel his way towards where the media was.

If there were any doubt that this campaign were constructed on anything else besides ambition, fluff and mirrors this says alot.