How I'd Create Jobs For NH.


One of the things I did this winter was to participate as a public member in the creation of the NH State Rail Plan as advanced by NHDOT and their contracted consultants.

Today, I’m very pleased to report that my ideas were not only incorporated but expanded upon and which, if done, will create very significant economic development and jobs for New Hampshire.

So what are my ideas?

This will be short- but in a word intermodal and the creation of freight movement and matrix systems that incorporate railroad, trucking, economies of scale and how this is ultimately used to lower costs for shippers, receivers and any manufacturing or retail venture that adds value. I don’t think it’s unreasonable that my ideas, if done, will create at least $15 million dollars in tax base expansion and at least 250 new jobs a year statewide.

Transportation is an integral role in the creation and retention of jobs. Yet somehow this is going largely ignored by political candidates. Kevin Smith isn't the only one.

So why am I telling you this?

Now compare my ideas with that of Gubernatorial Candidate Kevin Smith:

Economic Development and Job Growth

By leveraging existing state resources, we can create partnerships between companies and the state's educational institutions to strategically put students on careers paths in the emerging job sectors of the 21st century. This effort can be extended to aggressively recruit CEO's and small businesses to move their operations, in part or in whole, from Massachusetts and other New England states to New Hampshire through strategic tax incentives and smart marketing of our built-in economic advantages.”- Source Kevin Smith for Governor Website.

What exactly does this mean?  What emerging job sectors?

Strategic tax incentives in an interesting idea; but how does the candidate propose to finance the lost tax revenue from these tax incentives?  Imagine the finance committee raising the BPT to fund these tax credits.

Smart marketing.  This certainly plays well doesn’t it.

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