Where's The Bacon Congressman Bass!

Years of political experience and what exactly is Congressman Bass doing for New Hampshire? What exactly?

This is a recent press release from the Vermont Congressional Delegation showing that their respective offices are doing what they're elected to to do:

Go to Washington, D.C. and bring back the bacon!

In this case long-term economic development and jobs.

"Senators Patrick Leahy and Bernie Sanders and Representative Peter Welch
Tuesday announced that Vermont will receive a $7.9 million grant from the US
Department of Transportation to upgrade the New England Central Railroad
in northern Vermont.
The federal grant will be used to rehabilitate 19 miles of track between
St. Albans and the Canadian border in Alburgh with new rail, ballast and
ties, and to make structural and deck repairs on six bridges. By achieving a
286,000-pound carrying capacity on the entire line in Vermont, this project
will make freight rail more efficient and competitive, creating new
economic opportunities for companies all along the rail line.

These rail improvements also will accelerate efforts by the State of
Vermont and Amtrak to expand passenger rail service along The Vermonter line to
Montreal – creating a seamless connection between major cities like
Washington, Philadelphia, New York, and Montreal and points in between.
Leahy said, “On top of the enhancements we are already making into this
rail line, these additional improvements will make Vermont more competitive
by generating new economic opportunities for businesses and new
transportation options for travelers. This is a wise investment in our future and a
real vote of confidence in the rail line and the Governor’s vision for rail in
Sanders said, “Not only will this grant create jobs and enhance movement
of freight between Vermont and Canada, but upgrading this segment of track
is another step towards extending Amtrak’s Vermonter passenger rail service
to Montreal. This is exactly the kind of investment in our rail
infrastructure that the federal government should be doing.”