Kardashian Politics.

Getting to the front of the pack.

It can't ever be right to throw rocks and insults at someone including politics and not expect something in return so in this blog I'm going to attempt to not throw rocks.

I'll just ask some questions instead.

Let's get to it. I'm at work and its a day! I won't go into details but at one point I overheard two females taking about the situation at hand and one of them said, "We'll at least I've gone though an entire day and not heard about a Kardashian."

Interesting statement.

I'm not a Hollywood affectunado I don't follow any of it. I have spent some time in Cali and I too have heard of the Kardashians. Limited to a lack of real talent being substituted for loud, pushy, aggressive and in the case of these sisters it works and it works quite well.

I'll say that this system works in politics too. At least the aggressive part.

So here we go...

I hear the Kardashian statement and later find myself thinking of New Hampshire politics and a question enters my mind: who exactly is Alicia Preston and what is her real strategy for the candidate that she is working for? Somehow "handling the media" doesn't work well here.

But I don't know Alicia Preston.