Where Kevin Smith Goes Wrong.

Would Max Hedrom support rail service into Nashua?

Senator Jeanne Shaheen is displeased at the recent 3-2 Executive Council vote to deny yet another expensive feasibility study for passenger rail service into Nashua, N.H.

I'll make a prediction here that if there is a way for Sen. Shaheen to get around this vote then this will be done and one way to do this is for Washington, D.C. to simply send the money directly to Nashua and let it all proceed.

Time will tell.

In the meantime I think this UTUBE video also answers some important questions about this issue and how this flawed process works.

If you notice candidate Smith doesn't discard the idea of the expensive state subidized trains into southern New Hampshire he says, "the state can't afford it."


But what happens if the money is offered from Washington, D.C.?

Does Mr. Smith go to Washington or does Washington come to him....

Kevin Smith reminds me of Max Hedrom- an effective marketing campaign and little else.