Just Accept It.

Did Reardon ever accept responsibility for what had gone wrong?

Like many I'm following the departure of Tara Reardon from both a tactical and political sense. There won't be any significant repercussions from this. NHDES is a backwater and two or three news cycles all this goes away.

But the thought that keeps ringing through my mind is this: What would have happened if Reardon had stepped up to the plate accepted full leadership responsibility for what had gone wrong and expressed remorse to both the Executive Council and New Hampshire.

I'm confident she would be still be the Commissioner.

Acceptance is an intergral part of any sucessful manager at any level.  

Reardon doesn't do this. Instead she plays the denial lawyer game: personal records and names can't be revealed; then in what I think is a disgusting show of I,I,I and Me, Me, Me.   Reardon outlines all her leadership qualities for NHDES never once mentioning the internship program amongst the undefined improvements and weekend hours available for the unemployed proletariat to seek jobs.

How many people actually found jobs there Ms. Reardon? Interesting statistics.

When the unqualified Richard Brothers was replaced I thought the Gov. Lynch nominee was a selection that could lead Employment Security into a better place than it was. During my two terms in the house I actually intoduced legislation to reduce the Littleton NH DES office by 50% and save NH taxpayers in the area of $325,000.00 in salaries, benefits and rent. I had considered the idea of closing the office entirely as they had done in Conway. Guess what happened when they closed the office in Conway? 

Life went on.