Should Rochester Be Thanking Bass?

Congressman Bass Energy Policy. The SMART Act.

So I spent some time today reading the press released SMART Act introduced by Congressman Charlie Bass. The testimony of Paul Chamberlin, AVP of UNH as a part of this was interesting and very smart.

He talked about ECOline which is a 12.6 mile pipeline that runs from the Turnkey Landfill in Rochester, NH to UNH where methane gas created from decomposing garbage is turned into electricity from congeneration. Mr. Chamberlin heralds this as good energy policy.

Maybe it is.

But what does Rochester get from all this? Do they get a higher host community agreement or payment in lieu of taxes for having this landfill and it's energy producing methane?

Since this pipeline is now in place I'm assuming the Rochester landfill owned by mulinational waste giant Waste Managment Inc. will need a continuing flow of garbage that can decompose to create the methane gas to power the lights at UNH. Did the voters of Rochester have any say if they wanted continued or expanded landfill operations in their city?

My guess is no they did not.

I wonder if UNH upon realizing an energy cost savings from the ECOline project lowered its overall tuition rates for instate students or offer some scholarships to Rochester students to attend UNH.

My guess is no they did not.

I'll be watching the SMART Act. I'm sure it leads somewhere I just don't know where.