New Hampshire Loses Out.


It's interesting to see all the talk about revenue estimates and generation in the state of New Hampshire some legislators are so obsessed with all these numbers you'd think the world is going to end if the cigarette sales numbers come in a bit weak.

I have some numbers on my own:

Saturday I went over to the Black Bear Casino in Oxford, Maine. The place was packed with people and I mean packed like forget it if you wanted to play the table games, same thing for video poker even some of the clusters of slot machines. People everywhere!!!!!

Sure the casino is new and this is still a novety but I'm thinking about what I've now seen in the parking lot. Here is a demographic breakdown of the license plates:

Maine: 50%

Mass:  25%

New Hampshire: 17%

Now here's the one that kind of knocked me around:

Vermont: 8%

That's right Vermonters had to cross over an entire state to get to Maine. This capital migration goes right across New Hampshire and into Maine. Massachusetts does the same thing however, I'm confident that the Mass. plates are largely second homeowners in Maine while the Vermont are residents of that state.

New Hampshire loses out.

I'm hoping the Maine Department of Gaming Control puts out the financial information about what is being generated at this new casino in addition to the one already operating in Bangor. I'd be willing to bet that the scenario here is going to be very similar to what is happening in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Taxbase expansion, tax relief for property owners, jobs and regional economic development and no statistical increase in crime.

All this revenue leaves New Hampshire and Vermont and goes over to Maine.

Good job policymakers in Concord. Thanks for making the right choices.