Just Regulate It.

The news media has already decided who is at fault.

I'm reading about the accident in upstate NY.

The news media has already had the trial: Truck Driver Guilty.

Don't bother investigating any real evidence like the texting SUV drivers, don't bother considering the road conditions. Six people are dead and the reason is right in front: Truck Driver Guilty.

I'm confident Washington, D.C. won't be long in response: more regulations. That's right the trucking industry needs more regulations, more rules, more safety classes, more Quallcomm messages about safety; more logbook restrictions and by the way truck drivers-- your still expected to deliver the load on time. No service failures this goes on your DAC report as well.

If you don't know what a DAC report is. This is a report that is submitted to the government that shows everything a truck driver does wrong, everything.

I'm sorry that six people are dead. I'm also sorry that the news media can't do their jobs.

I think the trucking industry should do one thing right now: Park the trucks.

That's right Park the trucks. Let Brittney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and your local Volvo driving type A Ivy  League pedigreed asshole drive to the supermarket and find empty shelves. Let them call their local officials and Congressman like Charlie Bass, Dartmouth Class of 74' and find out why the shelves are empty.

This would be progress in this country.