Does Congressman Guinta Even Care About NH?


Authors Legislation Screwing Trucking Industry. Does this politician even care about New Hampshire?Here's an example of how Washington politicians screw people over. 

"The other provision fights fraud in the trucking industry. It increases the amount of a surety bond that truckers are required to pay from the current $10,000 to $75,000. Industry leaders say this fix would go a long way in reducing the small number of people who take advantage of the low bond rate to defraud businesses."-  Source, NH Insider Press Release.

I be willing to bet that the Congressman can't name 10 trucking companies or drivers that "have taken advantage of the low bond rate to defraud businesses."

And who exactly are these industry leaders he cites?

Last fall I became aware that Congressman Guinta was attempting to regulate who I know are the real fraudsters:, carpet baggers, dirt bags that have no compunction about lies and deception to make a buck.

Freight Brokers. And more specifically third party freight brokers.

These are the people that skim off 65% of the total freight bill and often short-change and in some cases not even pay the trucking company the moved the load. This UTUBE video will give you an idea of how this works.

Now if you notice Guinta didn't follow through with his plans instead he authored more fees and costs for trucking companies many of which are already struggling with issues like fuel costs, competition and cheap freight. My prediction is that NH consumers will see an increase in the area of 20-25% on alot or items especially so in perishible foods like fruits and vegtables.

So thank you Congressman Guinta for all your doing in the transportation field. I'm sure your scoring some major political points for yourself down there in Washington, D.C.