Getting The Shoes Shined.

Congressman Guinta getting a haircut. Wonder if they shine his shoes as well.

It's a hot day and I'm at a Dunkin Dougnuts sipping an iced mocha coolata, it's pronounced: (coool-latta). I'm also dialing the Manchester office of Congressman Frank Guinta I'm trying to find out why he is authoring legislation increasing the bond requirements for truckers, a move that will result in lost jobs and very likely higher food costs for NH consumers.

"This is Congressman Guinta's Office this is Jessica." a voice says.

"Hello" I respond "My name is Steven Connolly and I'm looking for information about some transportation legislation recently filed by the Congressman."

"We do have legislative information on or website." she quickly responds. So I elaborate: "I'm on the website right now, I'm looking for information from your press release about the transportation bill and more specifically the bond requirements for the trucking industry."

"All the transportation legislation is handled in D.C." she says. For some reason I'm sensing some buck passing going on here. There aren't any staffers in New Hampshire that can answer a question about a major piece of legislation and its consequences?

Let's move on.

"Okay I say, I'll call down to Washington," but is there any chance you could at least forward my concerns on: I'm a blogger on and I'm concerned that if these amendments move forward it will result in the loss of jobs."

"If your a blogger you might want to get in touch with Mark Powell he deals with the media and I'll forward your concerns on to Congressman Guinta." she says.


Tomorrow I'll call down to Washington. I hope that I'll better luck here than I have contacting my own Member of Congress, Charlie Bass, Dartmouth Class of 1974.