It's Bad But Not That Bad.

Congressman Guinta has good staff. I needed legislative information and I got it the same day. Try doing this in the Second Congressional District.

So today I got in touch with Congressman Guinta's office in Washington, D.C. about the bond requirements for truckers. I'm still not happy that this is being enacted with the transportation bill H.R. 4348 that is being signed into law today; but, after speaking with Director of Communications, Mark Powell can understand it's rationale.

"The bond rates hadn't been increased since 1978." said Powell in response to my questions about this which essentially amts. to about a 650% increase but I haven't calculated an adjustment for inflation. So I asked who exactly was behind this legislation here and now.

It would turn out that the major players in the trucking industry: ATA, Owner-Operators Association and Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) are all behind this bond increase and have met with Congressman Guinta before this legislation was enacted.

I'd have to agree with Mr. Powell these industry groups would not have all supported it simultaneously if the goal were to put the trucking industry out of business.

I'm pleased at the performance at the Congressman Guinta's staff. They took the time to return my inquires, took the time to research the issue and provide a reasoning as to why an action was taken. And I don't even live in the First Congressional District!

Guess I've become so accustomed to the attitude and performance that I receive from Congressman Charlie Bass including his staff persons who Bass even states: "Don't get paid very much."

It's time for a change in the Second Congressional District.