Farewell Bald. Good Riddance.


DRED Commissioner Bald is retiring. Is this a great day for New Hampshire or what!

Of course the news media will tout all that has been accomplished and some interesting statistics about job creation and all the other things DRED does like run Cannon Mountain at a loss.

I've lived in northern New Hampshire most of my life and served two terms in the New Hampshire House of Representatives 1994-1998. I can't find a single thing Commissioner Bald has done for northern New Hampshire. I think it would be an interesting comparison to look at comparable commissioner level positions in Maine and Vermont and what has been done in these offices compared to Bald.

DRED should be a performance directed state agency. Every employee whether classified or unclassified would be given a performance and sales target. If it is not met then the individual is shown the door. Imagine the progress that would be made and the taxpayer money that would be saved.

As an example,

This is a UTUBE video showing a project in Sydney, Nova Scotia that I think has immense potential to create economic development and jobs in alot of different and significant areas.

But New Hampshire would have to take the complete initiative to make this happen.

I hope the next Commissioner of DRED would show some leadership to advance an idea like this. Because I know Commissioner George Bald wouldn't.