Are You Hungry Yet?

Higher Food Prices In NH. Thank You Congressman Bass and Guinta.

So it has started. Tonight I went to the supermarket and purchased some chicken thighs:

1.70 Pounds  $2.02

Exactly three weeks ago I did exactly the same thing:

1.68 Pounds $1.10 

An 84% increase in three weeks.

Did the price of oil ever do this?   

Thank you Congressmen Charlie Bass and Frank Guinta for all you do for New Hampshire. Especially your no votes on H.R. 6233 and assistance to the drought stricken farmers across the midwest and parts of the west.

Food prices are going to increase. Chicken is one example.

What I'm wondering is if NH voters are going to accept this type of performance from their Member of Congress. Bass himself stated that he voted against H.R. 6233 because of cuts to "conservation programs."  Guess its okay with Dartmouth alum Charlie that NH residents get to pay double digit increases in the prices of food like chicken. I think 84% is the start I believe a 124% increase would not be unreasonable considering what is happening to the farmers because of the continued drought conditions.

Congressman Guinta's office never responded to my questions on H.R. 6233 and why he voted against it.

Tonight as I drove home with my expensive chicken I was passed over or better yet run over by soccer moms driving shiny Mercedes Benz Suv and a BMW 325xi and later had a license plate: LIVEIT.

I intrepted this to mean: "Live It."

Like living life.