Venetian Mac and Politics.

27% Price Increase in Tomatoes. Congressman Bass votes against H.R. 6233


So I'm making one of my most favorite and simple recipes.

Venetian Mac and Cheese. It's usually very affordable too but tonight I got hit with a 27% increase in the price of tomatoes. I attempted to shop locally and purchase some home grown tomatoes and the increase here would have been in the area of 50%.

I'm planning to use the rest of this blog to bust on the failed leadership of Congressman Charlie Bass and the drivel found in his press release below and "having a conversation about agriculture" in New Hampshire. Bass votes against H.R. 6233 leaving his constituents with double digit food increases and the best he can come up with is "having a conversation."

If the voters in the Second Congressional District vote with their wallets in this next election....

I'm thinking the margin with a +/-5% standard deviation the vote outcome will be somewhere around 27% if not greater.

Like the price of food.