Not Showing Anything.


I'm trying to find reason(s) to support Kuster for Congress over the current incumbent.

This ad doesn't help me at all.

My first impression is that its attempting to cater to the centrist-moderate-undecided vote of which there is a statistical population here in 2D. But I'm watching the spliced ad with pictures of family, of course the hometown values play well assuming the name recognition is there for the candidate which, in this case it isn't.

I looked at the ad a second time. Again the family message is centerpiece spliced with the struggling economy I don't think this ad will get many votes in the areas of the Second District that are truly struggling: Berlin, Groveton, Claremont and perhaps Keene. There isn't any real definition of what she would do in this area if she is elected.

I looked at the a third time. I'm more critical now. The music is passable but my overall impression is that this a candidate that wants to tread water. "The family base is a good base. Let's keep it that way." The only places I know in this ad that are a depiction of this lifestyle are the Hanover-Lebanon area and New London. I think the producers dumped too much of something on her face.

If Kuster is going to run her campaign like this Bass will be there for another term.