Zombie Pledge.


So I looked at this ad and candidate Cilley's campaign finance report.

I'll I can say is that if she ran New Hampshire as well as she runs her campaign this state would be in a better position than it is now.

I looked at the ad three times with the overlay of the campaign finance report. It's a great ad because not only is brief, including message content but it's simple graphics probally made it the least expensive of all the ads that have been shown by the candidates. It's also isn't targeted it's a shotgun blast that appeals to the total market while at the same time building that all invaluable name recognition. Timing is right too with the primary weeks away.

The Cilley campaign isn't the money machine that Maggie Hassan is. Cilley is getting her funding, at least in my analysis from NH voters in about $50.00 contributions. I think also shows that the candidate is very practical in her approach to issues yet she isn't afraid to be a leader when it comes time to do so. She'll close the door on alot of lobbyist generated stupidity. Woudn't that be refreshing.

I'm looking at the ad a third time. More critical now. With the shotgun blast to the voters: do they all know what the pledge is? This ad also doesn't go negative so this campaign also scores some points there.