Arguing Against Free.


Is it possible to make an argument against something that is free?

So I'm reading a copy of the free Wiers Times newspaper including that color photos many of which are of historic New Hampshire and my immediate thought: Dinosaurs.

This Republican newspaper seems to me to represent ideas and values that exist where? I'm reading Col. Oliver North's patriotic based column. He often writes about geostrategic issues like Afghanistan but skips over any sophisticated dynamics influencing the very issues in question.

I don't have the column in front of me for a quote but a case in point: Col. North will talk about the Taliban and surface to air missles and blame the Obama Administration for something that has yet to even happen while ignoring such major issues like the global trade in opium and what is and has happened in Afghanistan which is a major crossroads of trade in this life changing drug throughout the world. I'm surprised Harmid Karzai has been able to hold anything together in this war torn country while Col. North uses it like a pawn to blame the administration.

It's a free newspaper.

But it still could be better. They seem to have lots of advertising and support staff why couldn't they fill a void and actually report some real news there is certainly enough of it in the Lakes Region and New Hampshire.