Bass Blow Off. Guinta Does Respond.


I think a lot can be said of a Member of Congress by the staff that they employ. During the past month I’ve been in contact with both offices of the NH first and second congressional districts. My conclusion:

Bass staffs his office with kids.

Guinta staffs his office with professionals, experience and performance.

So I’ve been trying to find out about H.R. 6233 which is now known as the disaster relief/ farm bill designed to help the nation’s farmers recover from a catastrophic set of bad conditions, i.e. weather, markets, fuel costs, etc. Both members voted against this legislation:

Think higher food costs in New Hampshire.

So I’m calling their offices trying to find out why and I’ll do the worst first:

Who is this?” “We don’t handle this here.”We’ll have to pass this on.” “I don’t know who it will go to.”

They’ve never contacted with any response, I don’t expect them to here either.

So I move on to the next phone call…

This is Congressman Guinta’s office this is Amy speaking.”Yes, your request will be forwarded on to Mark Powell today.”Thank you for calling about this legislation is there anything else that you need.”

Is this a contrast or what.

Let’s move on.

Congressman Guinta’s office responded to my inquiry about 2 ½ hours later via e-mail. Here it is:


Mark Powell forwarded me your email about the disaster assistance vote. Do you have a particular question?

One of our main reasons for opposing was the offset cost, which our conservations groups throughout NH strongly opposed.

I hope this helps.


Austen Jensen

Deputy Chief of Staff/Legislative Director

Congressman Frank Guinta (NH-1)

I’m looking for more economic and policy substance here on H.R. 6233 and what this means for New Hampshire. I’ll post my specific questions in a later post.

But I'm still glad there is at least one Congressman in New Hampshire that responds to constituants even constituants that live in the Second Congressional District.